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What does Little League Baseball, The New York Stock Exchange and the Washington Nationals major league baseball team all have in common? They are all customers of the James Vanderlin Co., located in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The James Vanderlin Company, owned by Jim and Pennie Vanderlin is actually two different businesses under one roof. The first, Vantiques Restorations, was started by the Vanderlins in 1982 and specializes in restoration and preservation of heirloom furniture, collectibles, and pianos. When the Vanderlins outgrew their space in 2007 they purchased a larger building with an existing business, the Nippon Panel Company, which has manufactured quality plaques and wooden products since 1922. Jim feels that his 25 years of expertise in finishing adds a nice synergy to the Nippon Panel business as the James Vanderlin Company "continues to upgrade the finishing process that we use on our products."

Nippon just finished making the award plaques for the 2009 Little League World Series participants while the Vantiques finishing department sprayed these Pennsylvania hardwood plaques with a finish that is typically reserved for the Steinway Pianos that Vantiques regularly refinishes.

About 70% of Vantiques business is repeat or referral. The shop does insurance-related furniture restorations (fire, water, moving damage).

Vantiques is also the premier piano restorer in the area getting pianos from as far away as Georgia. Some recent interesting projects that the shop has worked on are the organ from the Jack Palance estate auction, a harpsichord that a Lewisburg customer is having made from a kit and 18 church pews from the Cedar Run, PA Baptist Church. The solid white oak pews with walnut trim were made from trees harvested from the local mountains. Rather than replace the worn pews, the Cedar Run congregation decided to restore them. Vantiques brought these historic pews back to life and the restored pews will give the church visitors another 100 years of beauty and usefulness.

Nippon Panel customers include artists, sporting and wildlife enthusiasts, individuals, businesses and manufacturers. Our clients include the United Nations, Jonas Brothers Taxidermy Studio, sculptor Jerry McKenna, Bailey Banks and Biddle and JE Caldwell Jewelers, and the Susquehanna Health hospital system.

Nippon has offered quality trophy panels to the sportsman and taxidermist for more than 75 years. From forest to finish Nippon Panels incorporate a choice of fine local hardwoods, beautiful design, top finishes and the highest quality at reasonable prices. Unlike the bulk manufacturing panel supplier, each one of the panels from Nippon is hand cut, sanded and finished in our central Pennsylvania shop. There is no substitute for a fine panel. We take as much pride in our woodworking craft as do the taxidermists.

The James Vanderlin Co. is a complete woodworking shop specializing in the manufacturing of custom wood display items as well as furniture stripping and restoration.

Nippon panels incorporates a choice of fine local hardwoods, beautiful design, top finishes, and the highest quality at a reasonable price.