Taxidermy, Habitats, & Plaques

From The Forest To Finish. Nippon Panels incorporates a choice of fine local Pennsylvania hardwoods, beautiful design, top finishes and the highest quality at a reasonable price. Since 1922, Nippon Panel Company has become known for quality wildlife panels. Sportsmen worldwide purchase our products.

We take as much pride in our woodworking craft as do the taxidermists who display their work on our products.

Unlike bulk manufacturing panel suppliers, we hand cut, sand and finish every piece in our Central Pennsylvania shop, because there is no substitute for fine panels.

We believe that we make the finest plaques and wildlife habitat bases on the market today. Why? First and foremost, we use the best materials available, usually Pennsylvania hardwoods like walnut, birch, maple, oak, mahogany and cherry, but any wood requested can be used, we will endeavor to get the best quality available. Each plaque is hand cut and sanded by our artisans in our Central Pennsylvania shop. Beveled edges are filled to make them smooth and prepare them beautifully for their stain and finish. Finally, all of our plaques are finished with the same meticulous care that we give our Steinway piano finishes. We are finish experts and it shows. Last year as part of our quality control, we purchased plaques from some of the bigger factory/mail order businesses on the internet to compare to our products. We were once again assured that our plaques had a smoother feel, richer wood tone and showed a handcrafted quality that is missing from the factory-produced plaques we purchased.