Vantiques Furniture & Wood Restoration

Why Restore?

  1. Family Heirloom - It’s wonderful to inherit a piece of your family’s history in the form of a piece of furniture. Often, however, that 100-year-old rocker or table has seen better days. Whether your cherished heirloom needs to be repaired, glued, whole parts replaced, or stripped and refinished… We can do it all. We practice furniture conservancy so we will tell you if your old finish should remain to preserve the value of your antique.
  2. Sentimental - Okay, so you inherited or bought a piece of furniture that isn’t a "great" piece, but it means a lot to you because of a memory. Maybe it was the old wooden wagon your grandfather used in his garden every summer. Perhaps a chair you had as a child and that you are considering passing down. We can restore your memories into something you will be proud to display. It doesn’t have to be monetarily valuable to be worth restoring. It can be a value of the heart.
  3. Good Quality - Let’s face it... brand new furniture on the furniture show room floor doesn’t compare to a 100-year-old quality made piece of furniture, and when properly restored will last another 100 years. Sometimes accidents happen to quality new pieces as well, but don’t worry, we can restore them to match the rest of your set.
  4. Go Green - Recycle is not a bad word. Why toss out the old doors that were built into your house because they have too much paint and abuse to look good anymore. We’ll strip them down to the bare wood and restore them. Then they can be refinished to match your dĂ©cor. Let us help you stay "green" with your wood products.