In-Home Restoration

Are your quality kitchen cabinets showing their age? Why replace them when a new finish can make them look better than when they were new? Is your 50-year-old front door missing pieces of molding and showing sun damage? We can make your door look stately and inviting again.

The artisans at The James Vanderlin Co. have over 90 years of combined experience in woodworking and they are wood finish experts. It takes many years of experience and hard work to achieve the fine level of artisanship that our shop has become known for, no matter if we are working on a new home or one built in 1865.

We begin each individual project by first assessing the materials, no matter if it is a piece of furniture or parts of a home.

"I always consider the overall existing picture, the wood, the color of stain (which is different than the color of the wood), the living use of the space (or furniture), the walls and sunlight," says owner Jim Vanderlin. "All of these factors must be considered in my approach to restoring wood."

For the past 30 years, Vanderlin has worked on grand staircases, ornate doors, windows and fine furniture in all types of homes.

When working with pieces of woodwork that can be 150 years old, The James Vanderlin Co. has to incorporate the technology of today with the tools of yesteryear. At times during a restoration process, a powered pin router and shaper with knives, which are made to match the architectural detail of a wooden piece, may be used, or we might need to have custom-made carving knives crafted for use on a historic door molding.

When it comes to finishing wood to give it a lustrous, glossy finish, we often use old-fashioned glazes and alcohol stains for historic items or a more durable modern finish when needed.