Furniture Restoration & Woodworking

Clock Retoration

Jim started Vantiques because of his hobby for refinishing furniture. His almost 30 years of experience has perfected his process allowing him to restore woodworking and furniture to mint condition. As a one-stop-shop we can make any necessary repairs to your furniture or wood items. Missing or broken parts are manufactured or repaired in our woodworking shop and then blended with original piece during the refinishing process.

The fist step in the restoration process is removing the old finish by stripping it off using Vantique’s "safe stripping process". We then evaluate the damage that has been done to the wood. After the repairs are made, perhaps including ornate carve work to match pieces, it is stained to blend with the original appearance. Vantiques uses touch up techniques by blending their own stains and applying them carefully by hand to match the original woodwork. We make our own stains in our shop using dyes and pigments.

Did you inherit an old Settee and would like to change the wood from drabby to distinct? Vantiques works with various artisans who can assist with the completion of a furniture project. If you have something that needs to be repaired and reupholstered, we do the woodwork at the shop and then send it out to local specialists to complete it. We work with Dave Brennan from Brennan Upholstery on a regular basis unless the customer has a personal preference.